Horse Riding Girl Scout Sleep Away Camp

At the horse riding girl scout sleep away camp we rode horses and went on hikes and canoe riding and owl watching. Now, I will tell you what I did in order from the day I got there to the day I left, which is a week. When I got to the campsite we picked are covered wagons then we at at the fire circle. The next thing we did was take are swim test, there is blue meaning you didn’t pass and orange meaning you did….More tomorrow.

My Friends

I have multiple friends but to get a true friend…  hard. I have three besties Abbey, Nina, and Lindsey. I FaceTime Nina the most and then there is Lindsey who always is texting me Abbey I’ve FaceTimed once and have sleepovers every once and a while. If I had to pick a best friend I don’t know who it would be!


Finding Whiskers

This is how I found my cat named Whiskers, one year ago. I love my kitty! I was leaving a park and a cat was sitting in front of our car meowing. It was as thin as paper when I picked her up all you could feel was her bone. Now Whiskers is a little over weight. Whiskers doesn’t eat people food either. Then we kept her after some hard work!

Getting Ready for Horse Camp #1

We spent all day getting ready for my first overnight camp. I am excited and anxious. There is a lot of stuff to take! Yesterday I got my hair cut so hopefully it will not get too many knots in it while I am at camp.


Harry Potter Camp #1

I am going to three Harry Potter camps this summer. One of this overnight at the Girl Scout camp. My first camp was at the Museum Center and it was a lot of fun.  I was sorted into Gryffindor. We made several art projects but three of them did not turn out very good. We had a dueling match one day and I won!  On the last day we played Quidditch and it was a lot of fun, I was the seeker. They had a train down in the dungeon of the museum and it was great because I got to play out my favorite lines from Harry Potter, the first scene with Hermione when she meets Harry and Ron on the train, “Holy cricket, your Harry Potter!”.

Best thing about camp was I made a great new friend, Nina! We became friends right away. She was in Gryffindor too.  We FaceTime all the time now!  We are working on our parents to set up a sleepover once I get back from my next camp which is a week long overnight horse camp.

My first blog post

My dad set all this up for me. He says he bought, before I was even born. Once they picked out a name for me he thought this would be a good web page name.  He had it all set up with Tinkerbell stuff, my mom really likes Tinkerbell so everything when I was little was Tinkerbell. I told my dad I wanted it to be about Harry Potter not Tinkerbell!