About Me

Hi, I’m Kyra! I’m getting ready to go into 4th grade at the best Elementary school ever! I loved my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Todd and our principal Mrs. Combs is great, she is tall just like me and tell me to embrace my tallness.


My favorite books and movies are Harry Potter. People at my school call me Hermione because I can sound just like her when I want and sometimes talk in my British Accent all day. (I can do Luna too.)


I also love horses! I take riding lessons every week and am going to two different horse camps this summer. Below I am riding Chevy.


I am a Cheerleader, Go Green and Gold!


I like to bike and camp.


I like to play with my friends and text or FaceTime with them!


I have two dogs named Tetris and Yahtzee and a cat named Whiskers.


I have a brother who is away at college.


My mom is really pretty and nice! She works at a college and sells lip stuff too.


My Dad is funny and really silly. He mostly works from home but has to go into the office sometimes.  He loves Doctor Who.


All of us together.